Fragrances by Ramon Monegal

In a sense, Ramon Monegal's training as a perfumer began the day he was born as the 4th generation of a distinguished Spanish fragrance house. Established in 1916, the House of Myrurgia was the official provider to the royal family and, despite France and Italy being the main centers of 20th century perfumery, the company grew to be internationally recognized for its quality fragrances. Monegal's childhood was filled with the aromas and conversations of his family's business: perfume ingredients, notes, accords and compositions as well as the difficulties, challenges and rewards of the profession. It all flowed effortlessly into his young mind as just a part of his daily life, unaware of just how much knowledge had been accumulated.

Nevertheless, Monegal went on to study architecture at university. It wasn't until his mid-twenties that he met a master perfumer who convinced him to go back to his roots and study perfumery. It was then that he realized how much he already knew and understood, drawing on the knowledge he had acquired growing up and the innate instincts passed down through generations of perfumers. He returned to Myrurgia and continued his training, creating his first fragrance in 1979 called Alada, meaning 'winged.' Nobody expected it to make it big in the markets, but it did, leading it for decades. Within several years Monegal was appointed to the board of directors for Myrurgia and later vice president. When Puig acquired the company in 2000, Monegal became the head of fragrance development for the new group, a position he held until Myrurgia's strategic disappearance in 2007.

Letting go of the family business he had dedicated most of his life to, Monegal decided to embark on a new endeavor – one he had always dreamed of fulfilling: the creation of his own image fragrance. In 2009, he opened Ramon Monegal Barcelona, designing the architecture of the building himself and dedicating his time to creating artisanal perfumes without the filters and restrictions of large profit-driven companies.

With the freedom to prioritize the production of high quality fragrances, even in small quantities, made with the best ingredients, Monegal could finally unleash his truest potential as a master Nose. One of the main responsibilities during his early years at Myrurgia was searching for, evaluating and purchasing raw materials to use in fragrance formulas. They then prepared pure infusions from the various ingredients, from floral oils to vanilla extracts to amber and musks, giving him unsurpassed expertise in the mastery of natural essences. He knows quality when he sees quality.

What differentiates Monegal from most other niche brands is his willingness to also incorporate synthetic compounds and be unafraid to list them in his ingredients. However, unlike most mainstream fragrances that employ chemicals in order to cut costs, Monegal selects them for their creative versatility and goes out of his way to acquire expensive, high value and noble molecules. He believes that the modern perfumer must also acknowledge the refined advancements of technology that sometimes produces fragrances that better express a particular mood or add unconventional twists. Whether natural or man-made, Monegal's standards for his perfumes remain the same – simply the best.

Strikingly iconic to Monegal's brand are his flacons, designed in the shape of an inkwell. Literature, in addition to nature, is one of his greatest sources of inspiration, whether they be lyrical poems or classic prose. During his reflective years after leaving Myrurgia and Puig, Monegal penned his own novel titled "La Perfumista" about a young woman studying perfumes in Grasse, France. That's when he discovered an old inkwell in his library and inspiration struck. Like literature, perfumery to Monegal is all about crystallizing an idea in his mind and then translating it into an attractive composition. The inkwell, designed by Monegal himself, is the vessel that contains all his dreams, desires, concepts and most importantly, reflects his ideal that every fragrance has a story to tell.

Monegal's audience are seekers. They are perfume lovers searching for a unique scent that is complex and yet effortlessly appealing. His fragrances are bold, innovative, surprising, enticing, desirable and unforgettable – they reach heights that commercial mainstream perfumers are restricted from ever achieving. The Ramon Monegal brand is about catering to each individual need, giving them a hard-to-find, distinctly singular scent that will enhance their presence and personal image.