Fragrances by Xerjoff

To Sergio Momo, one of the biggest inspirations for founding Xerjoff was to return to the old tradition of perfumes: to create works of art within art – the most luxurious fragrances made from the best ingredients of nature stored inside beautiful, decadent flacons. Blending nature with the artistic history of Italian craftsmanship, Xerjoff is committed to nothing but quality and excellence. Based in Turin, Italy, the perfumers gather in Grasse, France, the world's capital of perfume, for the final stages of perfecting each fragrance. From art and design to story and heritage, the impressive number of Xerjoff's fragrance series all deliver memorable messages and take us on a journey of the senses.

XJ 17/17 was the first series produced by Xerjoff featuring six perfumes: Elle, Homme, Irisss, XXY, Damarose and Richwood. They were originally only available in exquisite limited edition flacons made from quartz crystal or Murano glass. Today they are also available in cut stone bottles. The crystal vessels are carved from single blocks of African quartz by master Italian goldsmiths, each one unique and precious, perhaps even more so than the fragrances stored inside. Set in hand-crafted wood bases and embossed with numbered gold plates, they are nothing less than true pieces of art.

The Murano glass flacons are hand-blown on the island of Murano off Venice, the capital of Italian glass art. The limited edition flacons are made by established craftsmen who come from generations of traditional glass artists, continuing an art form thousands of years old. Each is designed with a gold finish and mounted on an ebony wood base with corresponding serial numbers certifying Murano authenticity. The newest Stone Label collection features equally elegant flacons fitted with hand cut and polished stones, each one unique and a natural extension of the XJ line.

Shooting Starsis a series inspired by the Sikhote-Aline meteorite shower that fell in Siberia, Russia in 1947. It was the largest ever recorded iron meteorite with an estimated 70 tons of debris landing on Earth. On February 12 at 10:30 AM a fiery fireball brighter than the sun descended from the north, observed by eyewitnesses up to 190 miles away from the point of impact. It was a moment when Heaven met Earth. Each fragrance in this series reflects the awe-inspiring forces of nature, at times fearsome and yet profoundly beautiful. The perfumes are presented in an engraved glass flacon inside a lacquered wooden box alongside a fragment of the Sikhote-Aline meteorite.

Oud Stars is a series dedicated to traditional Arab perfumery where oud, or agarwood, is one of the main ingredients. Agarwood is perhaps the oldest and most prestigious wood used to create incense for thousands of years and its popularity in fragrance has never waned. Due to its high cost, most mainstream brands use synthetic recreations but the oud at Xerjoff is acquired from certified plantations in Laos, Cambodia, Borneo and India. They are carefully assessed for quality as well as environmental sustainability.

The themes of each of the perfumes are taken from the accounts of Ibn Battuta (1304-1368), a medieval Arabic traveler – the Marco Polo of the Middle East. Born in Morocco, he set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca as a young man and ended up visiting most of the Islamic world and beyond, as far as China and Southeast Asia. In 1355, a manuscript was published recounting his incredible journeys. It was titled A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling. In tribute, the perfumes of the Oud Star series are named after ancient Arabic cities – Gao, Fars, Mamluk, Al Khatt, Najaf and Zafar.

Casamorati was originally the name of a prestigious Italian perfume house called La Fabbrica di Profumi C. Casamorati founded in 1854. Based in Bologna, they were recognized by international markets and was the favorite brand of the Italian queen Margherita di Savoia. The Xerjoff Casamorati series pays homage to the vanishing heritage of Italian perfumery and craftsmanship. The fragrances are based on the original formulas and infused with modern twists, retaining their Mediterranean character and mood. The flacons are designed in the Art Nouveau style of the late 19th century, bringing together an irresistible fusion of nature, passion and artistry.