Tantric Lingam

   Tantric Lingam
  Tantric Lingam (detail)

Authentic Tantric lingams are found in only one place on earth, the bottom of the Narmada River in Western India in one of the seven holy places of India called Onkar Mandhata. Once a year the river recedes and the lingams are plucked from the riverbank where to varying degrees they are naturally shaped and tumbled by the river.

Although the lingam looks like stone it is actually composed of a quartz crystal called Chalcedony. To “ Tantrics,” learned sages who are adept in both physical and spiritual matters, lingams represent the union of male and female energy, for Tantrics believe that enlightenment occurs through the union of opposite energies. To Tantrics, the body of the lingam represents male energy (which is knowledge) while the inclusions represent female energy (which is wisdom).

Tantric Lingam   
Tantric Lingam, based

Symbolism aside, the Tantric lingam is also a powerful tool used by adept Tantric healers. First, It is used to realign and open the Chakra centers of the body (energy portals in our physical body). Second, it is used to cleanse the subtle bodies (emanations from our physical body such as our aura). This is accomplished by allowing the lingam to absorb negative energy from the subtle bodies and, in turn, cleansing the lingam. And finally, once the lingam has been cleansed, which is accomplished by running it under cold water for twenty minutes, it will amplify positive energy and create a more harmonious environment in the home or office.

The Tantric lingam is an ancient power object, which is sometimes referred to as a “cosmic egg” because it is said that each lingam contains the energy of creation released by a perfect union.

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