And Then There Were Three

PRIMITIVE - Wednesday, January 14, 2009
  Sunset over the Narmada river

The India leg of the trip is over. Glen, Claudia, and I said farewell to Sandeep at the airport.

I can’t say I feel melancholic about leaving India behind. We’ve gained a few extra pounds and a ton of baggage. A portion of the weight is from the rich Indian food, but there's also the baggage from recent acquisitions, some warm clothing from Claudia’s jaunt to Tibet, literature, receipts, and a few lingams from the Narmada River. And then the heaviest of all: the weight of the experience.

A goodbye embrace

We're going to Indonesia, a brand new place for me. I have no idea what I’ll find there even though Glen and Claudia have briefed me. I've seen photos but am astute enough to know that pictures don’t always tell the truth. An adventure excites me. It’s what I need right now to shake me out of my Indian stupor. I’m thankful to have a clean slate, the promise of warm weather, and the unknown.

We have more baggage than Samsonite