Rebuild Notre Dame 2019 Editions

18 April 2019

 $2,000 tax deduction paid directly to Friends of Notre Dame; $600 production costs paid directly to Lamin8 production facility.

About Bob Meyer

17 March 2017

Meyer is an American artist, writer, actor and director born and raised in Chicago; now living outside Paris, France in an idyllic village near the gardens of Giverny, made famous by the French impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Meyer discovered his love of drawing at a young age when he surprised himself by drawing a thumb that actually looked like a "real" thumb. While many children forget ...

Brian Sindler - Beyond Plein Air Painting

13 January 2017

Who is to say that the things we see – all the colors, shapes and textures of the world – are viewed the same way through every eye? Is the green you see the same as the green I see? Recent research has suggested it's not, and further, that the perception of color is actually derived from experience. Needless to say, no two people have identical experiences, even identical twin...

Through the Eyes of the West – European Engravings of the Orient

05 August 2016

In 1798, Napoleon invaded Egypt and though the military campaign ultimately ended in failure, his occupation proved to be an influential turning point in art. It created a genre that would eventually become known as Orientalism. European presence encouraged scholars and artists to visit Egypt, North Africa and eventually the Middle East to study and document different cultures, environment...