Finding Nice Things by Suzanne Willey

PRIMITIVE - Wednesday, December 31, 2008
  We'll have to look harder

We’re looking for a feel. Or, is it, we’re feeling for a feel? We are sorting through hundreds of silver plaque amulets in one of Delhi’s obscure markets. Claudia notes, “They’re not as good as they used to be.” Glen looks up and adds, “We’ll just have to look harder.” After a long time, we end up picking out 147 for further consideration.

Joe, now a Primitive sales associate, used to be Mr. Dudak’s restoration assistant. He has been temporarily re-routed to his original position and polishes the amulets with powder toothpaste so we can examine them more closely. Surrounded by ropes of coral and turquoise, gems begin to emerge.

With heads bowed we all mumble “Yes,”“No,” “This is nice,” “Do you like this? I don’t.” It is a religious exercise. We believe in this material and our selections reflect our deepest sentiments on beauty. I feel honored to be entrusted to such a task.