In the Know

PRIMITIVE - Monday, January 12, 2009
  3 cobras + 2 goats = ?

We are hunting for lingam shrines. We are taking pictures of every one we spot, and there are dozens. Glen and Claudia are doing research for a book they want Primitive to publish on lingams.

A large portion of it will be photos, so the three of us plus Sandeep, Sataram, and our ill-equipped driver are trying to spot every single one we can find along the road.

In my journal, I have notes from fifteen shrines and temples where we have stopped. The notes have details about location, inscriptions, and interesting characteristics.


Each shrine is individual. Some are more elaborate like the pair in Beherogat. It seems like they get a lot of visitors.

And then there are the more hard-to-find ones (because they aren't the size of a Volkswagon). I am humbled by their simplicity. These shrines are a part of everyday Indian life. Some are tiny and sweet:

We encounter a few that are under the careful attention of a priest. It's comforting to know that even though there are so many shrines none are forgotten.

Others find protection under the shade of trees: And some even are trees...

              A sweet escape