The Wind at Our Backs

PRIMITIVE - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are in a car heading to Bayun Airport in Guangzhou, about a two hour drive from Zhongshan. The highway is new and landscaped the entire way with finely trimmed shrubs, trees and flowers. We are on our way to Fujian. The decision to go was quickly made so I ask Cherry once again the reason for our departure. She says, “To find small carving and go to tea market.” Okay, I nod. Right now I am sandwiched between Cherry and Claudia. We have shed our jackets; we are blooming flowers with fleece, cotton, and wool petals.

As the shrubbery flies by, anticipation overtakes me. I start imagining what we will find; fabulous carvings and tea so aromatic it could pass for perfume. Claudia and I share headphones listening to our favorite: Mantra Gayatri. We have become addicted to listening to this chant since India. It has become the wind at our backs. I don’t know its exact meaning, but as the words and melody repeat I do know one thing - doors will open when we land. It feels good to be on the road again.