So I Suggested We Go to Ellora...

PRIMITIVE - Monday, August 13, 2007

So I suggested we go to Ellora, hoping to find something equally great . . . but all that was there was eye training.

After the shock of finding Pig's ancestors at Ajanta, we made our way to the caves at Ellora. Like the Ajanta caves, these are rock cut masterpieces which completely boggle the mind. But none of Pig's relatives were visible in the ancestral traces which have survived for many centuries. There was instead, amazing carving and the unmistakable traces of people, long gone, who had taken over these caves and made them their homes.

Monumental temples became living rooms, bed rooms and kitchens. The chambers where priests had once mesmerized the masses with rituals and dialogue had become parking places for goats and cows, hitching posts cut into the rock with complete disregard for the sacred space they were defaming. The floors had holes at intermittent spots because they had become vessels for grinding spices. However, despite the human disregard and irreverence, there was amazing carving that had survived. I looked for Pig's people in vain, but all I found was a healthy dose of eye training, and a reminder of the amazing carving available everyday at PRIMITIVE!