The New Kind of Collectible

Come see why designer brand furnishings like Ralph Lauren Home, Kelly Wearstler, Oly Studio and Aerin are the new collectible

Luxury brand name home furnishings from specific designers such as Ralph Lauren

The Writer's Chair from Ralph Lauren
The Writer's Chair from Ralph Lauren

Collectible Home is PRIMITIVE’s newest category featuring luxury home furnishings from notable designers including Ralph Lauren, Aerin, OLY Studio, E.J. Victor, and PRIMITIVE’s own brand of furnishings and art. When tastefully combined with exclusive, rare, authentic one-of-a-kind art and objects, a unique story is told about how people really live with what they collect.

Collectible Home also furthers the notion that certain brand name designer furnishings comprise a whole new collecting category in the world of collectible art and antiques. For example, Ralph Lauren began designing and producing luxury home furnishings over 30 years ago. In that time, many of those designs have become “classics,” valued and appreciated for their quality as well as their originality.

The Club Chair, from Ralph Lauren
The Club Chair, from Ralph Lauren

Like rare one-of-a-kind objects, brand name designer furnishings are also valued for their authenticity. A good example is the Ralph Lauren Writer’s Chair, perhaps the most widely copied lounge chair in the market today. While a person could easily opt to purchase a knock off, it is equally true that it will not be made with the same care or quality nor will it retain its value like the authentic original.

Collectors today – and not just self-proclaimed “serious” collectors of art and objects – have come to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that go into elegantly designed and manufactured brand name home furnishings. Using the Writer’s Chair as an example once again: the burnished mahogany frame and eight-way hand-tied construction speak as much to “provenance” as the label.

Collectible Home challenges preconceived ideas about collectability – especially when it comes to the concepts of age and rarity. As applied to specific brand name luxury furnishings, something new may be greater in value than an antique; and something reproducible may not be readily available. Combined with one-of-a-kind art and objects, they introduce a leading edge dialogue in the world of collectibles.

Dining furniture and wares from RL
Furniture and accessories from Ralph Lauren Home Collection; examples of the "New Collectible." PRIMITIVE stocks many of these classic styles and carries the complete Ralph Lauren Home collection
Luxury brand name home furnishings from specific designers comprise a new collecting category