Custom Mounting

Chicago based custom custom displays, base making and mounting services for your prized artwork

Mounting and base making to compliment the aesthetics of each unique object

Custom Mounting and Base Making
Our skilled craftsmen create custom bases for your unique art objects

Our In-house artisans create custom bases designed to accentuate the most distinguished characteristics of each piece. Highly skilled welding, grinding, and polishing techniques provide bases and mounts that compliment objects with a clean and modern aesthetic. Each base and mount is individually tailored to support and display your unique object, artwork or artifact.

Superior presentation should be synonymous with any collection of artwork or antiques. Custom bases are designed to allow art and objects to be viewed to their strengths, and, more often than not, the best mounts allow a piece to hover without distraction.

Custom Mounting and Base Making
Each base, mount and pedestal is custom made to support and display your object

Custom crafted wooden bases, mounts and pedestals are available for unique client needs. We recommend providing a client advisor with your unique specifications to receive more information on wooden mounting and basing services.

We believe a base to an object is like a frame to a picture. Each individual collectible is a work of art with a unique story to tell. When given an elevated form of presentation, however, it becomes more than a mere display. It becomes an art form that can be experienced, appreciated and integrated into your lifestyle. The custom made mounts and pedestals at PRIMITIVE are guaranteed to ensure this.