Frequently Asked Questions

Are the books for sale in the Five Elements Library?

Everything you see at PRIMITIVE from floor to ceiling – including the books – is for sale! The Five Elements Library is a huge literary resource that functions both as a means of providing information on the cultures and objects represented within the store, but are also available for individual purchase.

Are you a museum...are these objects for display only?

No – everything on display is tagged and available for purchase.
Although it is flattering to hear, we can assure you that everything we carry is listed for sale! However, we do understand the confusion, as we offer thousands of rare and authentic one-of-a-kind art and antiques from all around the world!

Can I view the objects at PRIMITIVE's Warehouse?

Yes, by appointment.
While we prefer casual viewings to wait until our bi-annual Warehouse Sale, serious inquiries can preview our 25,000 sq. ft. facility, located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

Can you create bases and pedestals for items in my personal collection?

Whether you need a custom pedestal, mount, or base designed – or simply repaired – we have our own restoration and metals department to handle your individual needs. Call with any questions on labor and material costs for your next art installation.

Do you carry furniture and lighting by designer brands?

In addition to our vast collections of one-of-a-kind ethnographic material, we also carry the complete furniture, lighting and gift catalogs from brands that include Ralph Lauren HomeOly Studio and AERIN.

Do you offer private tours for museum/collector groups?

Yes, by appointment.
We have long-standing relationships with many Chicagoland museums and collector groups and are always open to establishing new ones – we believe educated viewers become knowledgeable, informed collectors.

Do you travel to all of these countries to aquire the artwork on display?

To many, yes.
Owners Glen Joffe and Claudia Morgan have traveled around the globe to seek out the many objects and artworks on display at PRIMITIVE. In doing so, they have established long-lasting relationships with trusted locals and art-dealers from these locations.