Restoration + Repair

Custom professional rare art and antique repair and restoration services in the Chicago area

Restoration should not be confused with refinishing

Furniture Repair
Detailed repair of damaged furniture, cleaning and restoring finish

At PRIMITIVE, our restoration philosophy is based on the concept of bringing things back to life; in other words, to re-infuse pieces with their original character. When done skillfully and sensitively, the original character usually becomes amplified.

We approach client owned material with the same philosophy and attention to detail as material in our own collections.

Select from our collection
Cleaning and restoration of various stone and releif work, including custom bases and mounts

Restoration services apply to most mediums and include all types of objects as well as furniture, jewelry and sculpture. Restoration services extend to the creation of custom mounts, bases and display methods for existing objects as well as the creation and duplication of unique architectural elements. Pricing is contingent on the nature of the work being performed and turnaround times are usually very fast.