Art + Objét

Copernicus Orb- Small
Copernicus Orb- Small  G93LY-025
Fiver Animal Bust
Fiver Animal Bust  G93LY-001
Lombok Ornament
Lombok Ornament  G93LY-008
Lombok Ornament Large
Lombok Ornament Large  G93LY-009
Noble Animal Bust
Noble Animal Bust  G93LY-003
Ramsey Animal Bust
Ramsey Animal Bust  G93LY-002
Sea Urchin Large
Sea Urchin Large  G93LY-007
Sea Urchin Medium
Sea Urchin Medium  G93LY-006
Sea Urchin Small
Sea Urchin Small  G93LY-005
Ying Long Sculpture
Ying Long Sculpture  G93LY-015
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-028
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-025
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-027
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-026
Billiard Skull Balls
Billiard Skull Balls  A1400-260
Deer  A1401-041
Deer  A1401-040
Deer, Based
Deer, Based  A1401-038
Deer, Based
Deer, Based  A1401-035
Deer, Based
Deer, Based  A1401-039
Horse, Based
Horse, Based  A1401-026
Horse, Based
Horse, Based  A1401-027
Cougar Skull, Based
Cougar Skull, Based  A1500-397
Cougar Skull, Based
Cougar Skull, Based  A1500-398
Figure of a Magpie
Figure of a Magpie  A1506-152
Figure of an Elephant
Figure of an Elephant  A1506-176
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Stories & Descriptions

Discover more information about the culture and history behind many of these beautiful select objects, artifacts, antiques and furnishings–click here

“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER