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  |  April 11, 2014

   Retablo depicting Jesus of the Sacred Heart
  Retablo Depicting Jesus of the Sacred Heart


Whether you’re a novice, collector, or connoisseur of world art, it’s a certainty you will have encountered numerous world religions. There are just too many instances where art and religion intersect, perhaps because there are approximately 4,200 religions in the world. Of these, it can be argued none has had a greater impact on humankind than Christianity.

This week’s New Arrival features a unique form of Christian art called a retablo, a devotional folk painting from Mexico. Retablos were commonly painted on tin because it was affordable, and in the 1800s they reached the zenith of their popularity. Back then, if you were a wealthy art patron you possessed fine art painted on canvas, not metal. However, many retablos are now considered fine art because of the quality of their painting and subsequent rarity. 

The blazing sacred heart is shown wounded and encircled by a crown of thorns; above it a crucifix  
The blazing sacred heart is shown wounded and encircled by a crown of thorns; above it a crucifix

A retablo allows an individual to interact with the divine on an intimate, personal level. Look closely at this one and you’ll see Christ parting his robe to reveal a symbol called a “Sacred Heart.” It represents unmitigated love and compassion. For the devout viewer, this retablo proclaimed “you can find, feel and express divine love in your own heart.” It is a message worthy of consideration by all people - regardless of faith.

Retablo Depicting Jesus of
the Sacred Heart
19th C.
Oil paint on tin, framed
16.5" W x 19.5" H


Part of a much larger collection of retablos, Christian art and religious art from around the world. For more information or to purchase contact a Client Advisor at 312-575-9600 or email


Select retablos and Christian art on display at PRIMITIVE
This Retablo is part of a much larger collection of rare and authentic Christian and religious art available at PRIMITIVE. It is shown here along with a select group of pieces from the collection displayed on the 2nd floor of the showroom
Please contact a Client Advisor for more details, or to make an appointment call 1-312-575-9600
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