Icon depicting Jesus
Icon depicting Jesus  P1100-035
Jesus  P020718-028
Life of Christ
Life of Christ  P020718-025
Life of Christ
Life of Christ  P020718-026
Nativity of the Lord
Nativity of the Lord  P010827-600
Saints,  Madonna, & Child
Saints, Madonna, & Child  P020718-027
St. Florian
St. Florian  P020718-023
St. Seraphim of Sarov
St. Seraphim of Sarov  P010827-589
Man of Sorrows
Man of Sorrows  A010612-335
The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity  A010612-353
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER