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Beckbury Stacked Silver Box
Beckbury Stacked Silver Box  G99RL-426-001
Large Display Case
Large Display Case  A94EH-003-001
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-004
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-005
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-007
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-006
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-012
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-008
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-015
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-013
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-014
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-018
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-009
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-017
Display Box
Display Box  C1305-010
Box  A010827-168
Box  A010827-919
Box  A0404-435
Box  A0602-738
Box  A0602-753
Box with Elephant Motif
Box with Elephant Motif  A010827-139
Box with Sliding Lid
Box with Sliding Lid  A0707-427
Box with Sliding Top
Box with Sliding Top  A010613-747
Chapati Box with Hasp
Chapati Box with Hasp  A0506-640
Covered Bowl
Covered Bowl  A0404-441
Die-Form Square Box
Die-Form Square Box  A1001-606
Food Container
Food Container  A010827-909
Fubako or Letter Box
Fubako or Letter Box  A0800-392
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A010827-933
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A020401-095
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A020401-086
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A0310-620
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A0310-619
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A0607-361
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A0607-370
Gao or Prayer Box
Gao or Prayer Box  A0800-638
Glass Lidded Box
Glass Lidded Box  A1709-172
Hat Box
Hat Box  A0404-459
Hinged Box
Hinged Box  A0404-460
Inlaid Brush Box
Inlaid Brush Box  A1800-241
Large Display Case
Large Display Case  A1401-098
Lidded Bowl
Lidded Bowl  A020401-004
Lidded Bowl
Lidded Bowl  A020401-006
Lidded Bowl
Lidded Bowl  A020401-011
Lidded Storage Box
Lidded Storage Box  A1900-062
Oval Box
Oval Box  A010827-152
Oval Lidded Container
Oval Lidded Container  A0707-432
Scalloped Covered Box
Scalloped Covered Box  A0404-456
Storage Box
Storage Box  A1401-053
Tikka Box
Tikka Box  A1001-1007
Tikka Box, Square
Tikka Box, Square  A0506-432
Tooled Leather Box
Tooled Leather Box  A0302-322
Trunk with Handles
Trunk with Handles  A0602-709
Betel Nut Container
Betel Nut Container  J0700-1716
Box  A010613-908
Box  A010827-009
Box  A010827-008
Box  A010827-918
Box  A010827-917
Box  J011120-076
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER