Designer Brand Furniture

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Alpine Lodge Bench
Alpine Lodge Bench  F99RL-134
Alpine Lodge Chest
Alpine Lodge Chest  F99RL-136
Anglesey End Table
Anglesey End Table  F99RL-040
Aran Isles Sofa
Aran Isles Sofa  F99RL-387
Banquette Settee
Banquette Settee  F99RL-769
Barrister's Bookcase
Barrister's Bookcase  F99RL-759
Beekman Chair
Beekman Chair  F99RL-472
Beekman Chair
Beekman Chair  F99RL-477
Beekman Chair
Beekman Chair  F99RL-478
Black Palms Arm Chair
Black Palms Arm Chair  F99RL-716
Black Palms Chest
Black Palms Chest  F99RL-721
Black Palms Screen
Black Palms Screen  F99RL-752
Brittany Sofa
Brittany Sofa  F99RL-818
Brook Street Bookcase
Brook Street Bookcase  F99RL-207
Brook Street Chest
Brook Street Chest  F99RL-209
Brook Street Chest
Brook Street Chest  F99RL-754
Brook Street Chest
Brook Street Chest  F99RL-756
Brook Street Dresser
Brook Street Dresser  F99RL-199
Brook Street Gueridon
Brook Street Gueridon  F99RL-263
Brook Street Gueridon
Brook Street Gueridon  F99RL-758
Brook Street Ottoman
Brook Street Ottoman  F99RL-444
Cannes Chaise
Cannes Chaise  F99RL-819
Cannes Gueridon Table
Cannes Gueridon Table  F99RL-177
Cannes Gueridon Table
Cannes Gueridon Table  F99RL-178
Cannes Gueridon Table
Cannes Gueridon Table  F99RL-179
Cannes Side Table
Cannes Side Table  F99RL-182
Circular Dining Table
Circular Dining Table  F99RL-792
Cliff House Bar Cart
Cliff House Bar Cart  F99RL-821
Cliff House Dresser
Cliff House Dresser  F99RL-086
Cliff House End Table
Cliff House End Table  F99RL-099
Clivedon Chest
Clivedon Chest  F99RL-043
Clivedon Console
Clivedon Console  F99RL-042
Crested Side Chair
Crested Side Chair  F99RL-540
Dalton Cocktail Table
Dalton Cocktail Table  F99RL-011
Desert Modern Cube
Desert Modern Cube  F99RL-522
Desert Modern Dresser
Desert Modern Dresser  F99RL-100
Desert Modern Ottoman
Desert Modern Ottoman  F99RL-498
Desert Modern Sofa
Desert Modern Sofa  F99RL-496
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Stories & Descriptions

Discover more information about the culture and history behind many of these beautiful select objects, artifacts, antiques and furnishings–click here

“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER