553-1423 Plane
553-1423 Plane  P1300-043
Amsterdam 3
Amsterdam 3  P1900-040
Amsterdam 4
Amsterdam 4  P1900-041
Amsterdam 5
Amsterdam 5  P1900-042
Blue Tree
Blue Tree  P1900-044
Bridge Gary Indiana
Bridge Gary Indiana  P1900-076
Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship  P1500-119
Dehene Rd Nocturne
Dehene Rd Nocturne  P1900-047
Dell Avenue Nocturne
Dell Avenue Nocturne  P1900-037
Evening NY
Evening NY  P1900-049
Evening, Jefferson
Evening, Jefferson  P1900-038
Forest Way
Forest Way  P1600-008
Forest Way, Winter
Forest Way, Winter  P1900-050
Gary, Indiana
Gary, Indiana  P1900-039
Industry Gary Indiana
Industry Gary Indiana  P1900-053
Maple Ave Nocturne
Maple Ave Nocturne  P1900-055
Morning NY
Morning NY  P1900-058
Nite Lite Northbrook
Nite Lite Northbrook  P1900-070
Nocturne in Blue
Nocturne in Blue  P1900-071
Rosso House
Rosso House  P1900-061
Steel Bridge 2
Steel Bridge 2  P1900-062
T. Rex
T. Rex  P1599-004
Techny Little Moon
Techny Little Moon  P1900-077
Tree Clouds
Tree Clouds  P1900-065
Untitled  P1300-036
Untitled  P1300-034
Untitled  P1300-035
Uomini  P1400-148
Yellow Nude
Yellow Nude  P1900-015
Abstract  P1600-044
Abstract  P1600-045
Airplane  P1599-002
Green Abstract
Green Abstract  P1600-050
Head with Flowers
Head with Flowers  P1600-019
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting  P1600-025
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting  P1600-026
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting  P1600-027
Ni�O  P1600-048
Untitled  P1600-049
Vendedora  P1600-046
Liebespaar  P1599-003
Nude with Melon
Nude with Melon  P1599-005
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Stories & Descriptions

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