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Translating Genius

Translating Genius!

   Transcendental Etudes by Bob Meyer PRIMITIVE I.D. #P1500-039.01

"Transcendental Etudes No. 4 in D Minor - Mazeppa - Liszt" by Bob Meyer; Archival Print; Artist's Re-Mark on Hahnemuhl Paper; Signed and Numbered 1 of 25; PRIMITIVE I.D. #P1500-039.01;  $1,995, Framed

It’s not easy being an artist. Writer, poet, painter, sculptor, dancer, musician, and other creative pursuits require discipline, practice, and perseverance to develop proficiency; and ultimately, master. It doesn’t happen overnight, even for “naturals.” Although commitment is required, inheriting the necessary skill set is helpful too. A visual artist needs a keen eye; a musician finely tuned ears; and for a dancer, their best asset can be a lithe body. Not every artist will become celebrated during their lifetime. Those who struggle in the war against obscurity often discover confidence, devotion, and humility to be their best allies. Yet, those finding fame invariably leave behind a legacy of extraordinary work to influence and inspire successive generations of artists and audiences, a truth evident in this week’s New Arrival.

PRIMITIVE I.D. #P1500-039.01  

Detail of Transcendental Etudes No. 4 by Bob Meyer; PRIMITIVE I.D. #P1500-039.01; Available Unframed, $1,495


This week’s New Arrival features a limited edition print by Bob Meyer published by PRIMITIVE Press. The title, Transcendental Etudes No 4 in D Minor – Mazeppa, is a reference to the fourth of twelve technically challenging “sound illustrations” created by the composer Franz Liszt. Fame found Liszt early. He was already recognized as a piano virtuoso when he wrote the first draft of the etudes at age thirteen. Number four conveys the story of Mazeppa, a character in a Victor Hugo poem who is tied to a galloping wild horse. Liszt musically interprets the movement of the horse as well as the suffering and endurance of the story’s hero. In turn, Bob Meyer visually reveals the difficulty of performing this story in music. As his story unfolds, he also shows how genius translates from one medium and artist to another.

November 17 - December 31, 2017

Paintings | Pastels | Drawings | Lithographs

Friday November 17th 5-9PM


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