Tutsi Basketry – World Class Weaving

Friday, August 11, 2017

This blog describes the art of Tutsi basketry, which has now become a recognized collectible in the African art world, and the "basket world," in particular....

Creating Sacred Space – Building a Meditation Room

Friday, August 04, 2017

This blog describes the restoration, repurposing, and rebuilding of an exterior stone facade salvaged from an earthquake as a complete interior environment called The Meditation Room...

Nature’s Handiwork – Introduction to Gongshi

Friday, July 28, 2017


Deciphering Deities - Will the Real Quan Yin Please Stand Up!

Friday, July 21, 2017

This blog examines the deity Quan Yin, technically the Buddhist god of compassion and mercy, who has now become a popular icon capturing the imagination of Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike....

Collecting African Art: Part 1 - Authenticity

Friday, July 14, 2017

This blog deals with authenticity - one of the most important considerations in collecting traditional African art....

Symbolism in Chinese Art and Antiques: Part One - Animated Nature

Friday, July 07, 2017

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader with a useful, practical guide to interpreting the appearance of animal symbols in Chinese art and antiques....

Traditional Narrative Art - Balinese Temple Paintings

Friday, June 30, 2017

The island of Bali is in Indonesia. While it can be described as an island paradise featuring extraordinary natural vistas and scenes of great beauty on both a grand and intimate scale, it is also home to one of the most complex and engaging cultures in the world. While the rest of Indonesia is Islamic, Bali is Hindu. However, Hinduism as practiced on Bali is endemic to the island alone. It is a mixture of traditional Hinduism as it is found in India, Buddhism, ancient animistic beliefs and magical practices prevalent among the Balinese themselves. Religion on Bali is filled with Hindu and Buddhist gods and demi-gods, culture heroes, mythological creatures, demons and personages from great epic poems, countless ancestral spirits, and local deities. All these are woven together into a complex system pervading every aspect of Balinese life....

Adapting to Modern Design - Repurposing Kuba Cloth

Friday, June 23, 2017

This blog illustrates how long textiles woven by the Kuba people can be re-purposed as tapestries for use in modern interiors....

Endangered Architecture – Toraja Tongkonan

Friday, June 16, 2017

This blog discusses Tongkonan, the ancestral houses of the Toraja people that are becoming architecturally endangered as traditional beliefs fade away...

The Power of Proverbs – Ashanti Linguist's Staffs

Friday, June 09, 2017

In the Ashanti kingdom, royal dignitaries called Akyeame are responsible for relating the king's words to the people through proverbs , a highly valued oral tradition. To symbolize their position, Akyeame hold staffs with hand carved finials, each representing a well known proverb, story or moral lesson. The visual language conveyed by the staff finials is an art form in its own right, recognized and celebrated by all in the kingdom....

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  3. Nature’s Handiwork – Introduction to Gongshi Glen Joffe 28-Jul-2017
  4. Deciphering Deities - Will the Real Quan Yin Please Stand Up! Glen Joffe 21-Jul-2017
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