Insect Specimens

Marmessoidea Rosea
Marmessoidea Rosea  A1400-335
Napeocles Jucunda
Napeocles Jucunda  A1400-327
Pathysa Androcles
Pathysa Androcles  A1400-328
Phyllium Giganteum
Phyllium Giganteum  A1400-336
Siliquofera Grandis
Siliquofera Grandis  A1400-341
Titanacris Albipes
Titanacris Albipes  A1400-340
Toxodera  A1400-334
Argema Mittrei
Argema Mittrei  A1300-398
Batocera Wallacei
Batocera Wallacei  A1200-601
Celosterna Pollinosa
Celosterna Pollinosa  A1200-598
Cetoniinae  A1200-625
Charaxes Zingha
Charaxes Zingha  A1200-658
Cicadidae Species
Cicadidae Species  A1200-462
Cicadidae Species
Cicadidae Species  A1200-669
Delias Niepelti
Delias Niepelti  A1300-452
Euphaedra Species
Euphaedra Species  A1300-132
Haetera Piera
Haetera Piera  A1200-657
Heteropteryx Dilata
Heteropteryx Dilata  A1300-309
Pachylexia Equestris
Pachylexia Equestris  A1200-619
Polyphyla Fullo
Polyphyla Fullo  A0402-262
Sagra Buguetti
Sagra Buguetti  A1200-468
Sanaa Intermedia
Sanaa Intermedia  A1200-575
Siliquofera Grandis
Siliquofera Grandis  A1300-397
Sternocera Pulchra
Sternocera Pulchra  A1200-566
Theodosia Westwoodi
Theodosia Westwoodi  A1200-621
Titanus Giganteus
Titanus Giganteus  A0700-150
Tosena Sybilla
Tosena Sybilla  A1300-128
Ugada Limbata
Ugada Limbata  A1200-633
Urania Ripheus
Urania Ripheus  A1200-653
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER