Other Curios

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Ceremonial Cup
Ceremonial Cup  A0602-557
Urn with Hawk Motif
Urn with Hawk Motif  A1601-015
Petrified Wood Object
Petrified Wood Object  A1601-026
Petrified Wood Object
Petrified Wood Object  A1601-027
Petrified Wood Object
Petrified Wood Object  A1601-028
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-028
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-025
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-027
Candlepin Skull
Candlepin Skull  A1402-026
Bowl  A0301-059
Drum  F0607-006
Skeleton Tower
Skeleton Tower  A1601-002
Yoga Skeleton
Yoga Skeleton  A1601-012
Anthropomorphic Drum
Anthropomorphic Drum  A1300-366
Ceremonial Trumpet
Ceremonial Trumpet  A1601-018
Conch Shell Trumpet
Conch Shell Trumpet  A010613-467
Drum  A010827-770
Drum  A0411-280
Drum  A0411-281
Drum  A0602-005
Drum, Based
Drum, Based  A0800-161
Duggi or Bass Drum
Duggi or Bass Drum  A0707-242
Opera Drum
Opera Drum  A021001-303
Sadhu Trumpet
Sadhu Trumpet  A1105-163
Slit Drum
Slit Drum  A0301-023
Slit Drum, Based
Slit Drum, Based  A0301-022
Temple Gong
Temple Gong  A0404-583
Whistle or Flute
Whistle or Flute  A1200-711
Whistle or Flute
Whistle or Flute  A1200-710
Whistle or Flute
Whistle or Flute  A1200-709
Whistle or Flute
Whistle or Flute  A021201-147
Whistle or Flute, Based
Whistle or Flute, Based  A021201-148
Billiard Skull Balls
Billiard Skull Balls  A1400-260
Fetish Figure, Based
Fetish Figure, Based  A1400-168
Spoon Fetish, Based
Spoon Fetish, Based  A1400-169
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER