Professional Purchasing Program

Discounts and incentives for interior designers andr members of the trade in and outside of the Chicagoland area

Services and incentives for the professional design community

   Professional Interior and Product Design
  Professional interior and product design for the home

Register here to immediately gain access to web tools allowing you to easily gather and share inventory for your next design project. In addition to discounts on individual items, members of the trade are also invited to apply now to become eligible for PRIMITIVE’s Professional Purchasing Program P3 – a tiered pricing program offering substantial reductions and incentives for the trade only. Registrants also receive new and updated product information and invitations to industry events. Inquire for more details.

PRIMITIVE offers incentives and purchasing programs to professional designers that include substantial price reductions and custom design services.

We offer unparalleled services to help fulfill your vision. Some of our services include:

Restoration: Our guiding philosophy is to bring you and your client’s treasures back to life.

Custom carving: From a single detail to a complete room – now you can create design elements as distinct as your imagination. 

Base and display making: A base to an object is like a frame to a picture, and our custom bases amplify the characteristics of each piece.

Custom furniture: High quality case goods at realistic prices and lead times.

Download Designer Brochure:

PRIMITIVE Designer Brochure PRIMITIVE Designer Brochure (2873 KB)

This document provides an overview on the products and services offered at PRIMITIVE to professional designers

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