African Miniature Bronzes

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Figure of 2 Monkeys
Figure of 2 Monkeys  A0411-054
Figure of a Bird, Based
Figure of a Bird, Based  A020325-151
Figure of a Bull
Figure of a Bull  A0310-516
Figure of a Lion
Figure of a Lion  A0800-430
Figure of a Monkey
Figure of a Monkey  A0800-434
Figure of a Prisoner
Figure of a Prisoner  A0800-197
Figure of a Quadruped
Figure of a Quadruped  A0301-015
Figure of a Quadruped
Figure of a Quadruped  A0310-517
Figure of a Reptile
Figure of a Reptile  A020325-238
Figure of a Warrior
Figure of a Warrior  A0411-338
Figure of an Animal
Figure of an Animal  A0800-356
Figure of an Animal
Figure of an Animal  A0900-045
Figure of an Animal
Figure of an Animal  A0900-044
Figure of Monkey
Figure of Monkey  A1700-009
Figure on Bended Knee
Figure on Bended Knee  A0900-016
Figure Riding Rooster
Figure Riding Rooster  A1400-239
Figure with 4 Heads
Figure with 4 Heads  A0411-085
Figure with Cat & Turtle
Figure with Cat & Turtle  A010827-579
Figure with Headdress
Figure with Headdress  A0900-018
Figure, Based
Figure, Based  A020313-009
Figure, Based
Figure, Based  A0301-665
Figure, Based
Figure, Based  A0306-083
Figure, Based
Figure, Based  A0310-465
Figure, Based
Figure, Based  A0602-591
Grasshopper  A1600-177
Husband & Wife Figure
Husband & Wife Figure  A0310-480
Kneeling Female Figure
Kneeling Female Figure  A021201-141
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A010827-555
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A010827-562
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A020313-019
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A020325-196
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A020902-012
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A021201-094
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A0301-654
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A0306-110
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A0310-325
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A0411-561
Kneeling Figure
Kneeling Figure  A0602-577
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Stories & Descriptions

Discover more information about the culture and history behind many of these beautiful select objects, artifacts, antiques and furnishings–click here

“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER