Designer Brand Furniture

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One Fifth Club Chair
One Fifth Club Chair  F99RL-454
One Fifth Demilune
One Fifth Demilune  F99RL-144
One Fifth Drinks Trolley
One Fifth Drinks Trolley  F99RL-233-001
One Fifth Ottoman
One Fifth Ottoman  F99RL-456
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-264
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-728
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-854
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-264-001
One Fifth Salon Sofa
One Fifth Salon Sofa  F99RL-490
One Fifth Screen
One Fifth Screen  F99RL-254
One Fifth Sofa
One Fifth Sofa  F99RL-453
One Fifth Trunk Bar
One Fifth Trunk Bar  F99RL-228
Os De Mouton Bench
Os De Mouton Bench  F99RL-772
Oxford Trunk
Oxford Trunk  F99RL-119
Painted Cabinet
Painted Cabinet  F99RL-781
Pierce Tray Table
Pierce Tray Table  F99RL-071
Planar End Table
Planar End Table  F99RL-069
Planar End Table
Planar End Table  F99RL-857
Plateau Desk
Plateau Desk  F99RL-107
Platform Cocktail Table
Platform Cocktail Table  F99RL-784-001
Raymond Club Chair
Raymond Club Chair  F99RL-494
Raymond Club Chair
Raymond Club Chair  F99RL-859
Raymond Club Chair
Raymond Club Chair  F99RL-494-001
Refectory Work Table
Refectory Work Table  F99RL-794
Slab End Table
Slab End Table  F99RL-113
Splat Back Fauteuil
Splat Back Fauteuil  F99RL-767
St. Germain Chest
St. Germain Chest  F99RL-164
St. Germain Console
St. Germain Console  F99RL-162
Stanhope Sofa
Stanhope Sofa  F99RL-747
Tavern Table
Tavern Table  F99RL-806
The Heiress Gueridon
The Heiress Gueridon  F99RL-187
Tufted Club Chair
Tufted Club Chair  F99RL-768
Victorian Bookcase
Victorian Bookcase  F99RL-761
Writer's Chair
Writer's Chair  F99RL-557
Writer's Chair
Writer's Chair  F99RL-863
Writer's Ottoman
Writer's Ottoman  F99RL-558
Writing Table
Writing Table  F99RL-810
Anzo Chair
Anzo Chair  F98AE-078
Anzo Chair
Anzo Chair  F98AE-078-001
Bridle Mirror
Bridle Mirror  F98AE-007-001
Crosby Cocktail Table
Crosby Cocktail Table  F98AE-029
Delph Bar Cabinet
Delph Bar Cabinet  F98AE-026
Fairlawn Server
Fairlawn Server  F98AE-022B
Fillmore Dining Armchair
Fillmore Dining Armchair  F98AE-074-001
Flannery Mirror
Flannery Mirror  F98AE-009-001
Nassau Chair
Nassau Chair  F98AE-061
Nassau Chair
Nassau Chair  F98AE-061-001
Nassau Chair
Nassau Chair  F98AE-061-002
Pine Desk
Pine Desk  F98AE-049
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Stories & Descriptions

Discover more information about the culture and history behind many of these beautiful select objects, artifacts, antiques and furnishings–click here

“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER