Sofas + Sectionals

Aran Isles Sofa
Aran Isles Sofa  F99RL-387
Banquette Settee
Banquette Settee  F99RL-769
Brittany Sofa
Brittany Sofa  F99RL-818
Desert Modern Sofa
Desert Modern Sofa  F99RL-496
Graham Sofa (95")
Graham Sofa (95")  F99RL-384
Hayden Sofa
Hayden Sofa  F99RL-365
Heiress Sofa
Heiress Sofa  F99RL-435
Heiress Sofa #2
Heiress Sofa #2  F99RL-678
Houghton Sofa
Houghton Sofa  F99RL-741
Jamaica Sofa
Jamaica Sofa  F99RL-423
Jamaica Three Seat Sofa
Jamaica Three Seat Sofa  F99RL-866-001
Mayfair Salon Sofa
Mayfair Salon Sofa  F99RL-523
One Fifth Salon Sofa
One Fifth Salon Sofa  F99RL-490
One Fifth Sofa
One Fifth Sofa  F99RL-453
Stanhope Sofa
Stanhope Sofa  F99RL-747
Magistra's Sofa
Magistra's Sofa  F97VT-005
Rhodes Sofa
Rhodes Sofa  F97VT-002
Rhodes Sofa
Rhodes Sofa  F97VT-014
Arden Sofa
Arden Sofa  F93LY-006
Arden Sofa
Arden Sofa  F93LY-006-002
Eve Sofa
Eve Sofa  F93LY-367
Capra Sectional
Capra Sectional  F92KW-124
Capra Sectional
Capra Sectional  F92KW-125
Carpa Sofa
Carpa Sofa  F92KW-155
Hillcrest Sofa
Hillcrest Sofa  F92KW-153
Lucien Sofa
Lucien Sofa  F92KW-154
Melrose Sofa
Melrose Sofa  F92KW-118
Two Seat Sofa
Two Seat Sofa  F1509-037
Canterbury Sofa
Canterbury Sofa  F1506-009
Two Seat Sofa
Two Seat Sofa  F1206-010
Two Seat Sofa
Two Seat Sofa  F1206-013
Vintage Sofa
Vintage Sofa  F1506-003
Alhambra Sofa
Alhambra Sofa  C0307-193
Alhambra Sofa
Alhambra Sofa  C0307-195
Kebe Sofa, Large
Kebe Sofa, Large  C0307-180
Kebe Sofa, Large
Kebe Sofa, Large  C0307-179
Meiji Sofa
Meiji Sofa  C0307-198
Meiji Sofa
Meiji Sofa  C0307-199
Kebe Sofa Large
Kebe Sofa Large  C0703-074
Kebe Sofa Small
Kebe Sofa Small  C0703-073
Kebe Sofa, Small
Kebe Sofa, Small  C0703-072
Khartoum Sofa Large
Khartoum Sofa Large  C0703-091
Khartoum Sofa Small
Khartoum Sofa Small  C0703-088
Khartoum Sofa Small
Khartoum Sofa Small  C0703-086
Khartoum Sofa, Large
Khartoum Sofa, Large  C0703-090
Khartoum Sofa, Small
Khartoum Sofa, Small  C0703-087
Khartoum Sofa, Small
Khartoum Sofa, Small  C0703-089
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER