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Modern Hollywood Lamp Table
Modern Hollywood Lamp Table  F99RL-171-001
New Safari End Table
New Safari End Table  F99RL-078
New Safari End Table
New Safari End Table  F99RL-736
One Fifth Demilune
One Fifth Demilune  F99RL-144
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-264
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-728
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-854
One Fifth Paris Desk
One Fifth Paris Desk  F99RL-264-001
One Fifth Trunk Bar
One Fifth Trunk Bar  F99RL-228
Oxford Trunk
Oxford Trunk  F99RL-119
Pierce Tray Table
Pierce Tray Table  F99RL-071
Planar End Table
Planar End Table  F99RL-069
Planar End Table
Planar End Table  F99RL-857
Plateau Desk
Plateau Desk  F99RL-107
Refectory Work Table
Refectory Work Table  F99RL-794
Slab End Table
Slab End Table  F99RL-113
St. Germain Chest
St. Germain Chest  F99RL-164
Tavern Table
Tavern Table  F99RL-806
The Heiress Gueridon
The Heiress Gueridon  F99RL-187
Writing Table
Writing Table  F99RL-810
Pine Desk
Pine Desk  F98AE-049
Pine Desk
Pine Desk  F98AE-049-001
Zelda Nesting Tables
Zelda Nesting Tables  F98AE-039
Cocktail Table
Cocktail Table  F95EJ-002
Anni Console
Anni Console  F93LY-028
Ari Side Table- Small
Ari Side Table- Small  F93LY-056
Astro Bedside Table
Astro Bedside Table  F93LY-088
Astro Bedside Table
Astro Bedside Table  F93LY-390
Beck Dining Table
Beck Dining Table  F93LY-149
Delphine Buffet
Delphine Buffet  F93LY-100
Demian Bedside Table
Demian Bedside Table  F93LY-089
Demian Buffet
Demian Buffet  F93LY-111
Elisabeth Buffet
Elisabeth Buffet  F93LY-112
Eva Bedside Table
Eva Bedside Table  F93LY-092
Faline Dining Table
Faline Dining Table  F93LY-150
Faline Library Table
Faline Library Table  F93LY-003
Jackson Bedside Table
Jackson Bedside Table  F93LY-095
Jean Buffet
Jean Buffet  F93LY-113
Jeremy Desk
Jeremy Desk  F93LY-126
Jett Half-Round Large
Jett Half-Round Large  F93LY-060
Jonathan Sofa Table
Jonathan Sofa Table  F93LY-019
Lorna Side Table
Lorna Side Table  F93LY-013
Meri Side Table
Meri Side Table  F93LY-053
Miro Table
Miro Table  F93LY-351
Pipa Side Table
Pipa Side Table  F93LY-352
Puddle Side Table
Puddle Side Table  F93LY-353
Quinn Side Table
Quinn Side Table  F93LY-354
Ray Cocktail Table
Ray Cocktail Table  F93LY-029
Ray Console Table
Ray Console Table  F93LY-030
Ray Dining Table
Ray Dining Table  F93LY-163
Ray Oval Side Table
Ray Oval Side Table  F93LY-031
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Stories & Descriptions

Discover more information about the culture and history behind many of these beautiful select objects, artifacts, antiques and furnishings–click here

“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER