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Robert Buffet
Robert Buffet  F93LY-114
Rocket Side Table
Rocket Side Table  F93LY-356
Serena Bedside Table
Serena Bedside Table  F93LY-098
Serena Buffet
Serena Buffet  F93LY-115
Stella Bedside Table
Stella Bedside Table  F93LY-099
Tristan Side Table
Tristan Side Table  F93LY-359
Twilite Side Table
Twilite Side Table  F93LY-361
Wren Side Table
Wren Side Table  F93LY-364
Yves Round Side Table
Yves Round Side Table  F93LY-365
Yves Side Table
Yves Side Table  F93LY-017
Alta Coffee Table
Alta Coffee Table  F92KW-035
Alta Side Table
Alta Side Table  F92KW-052
Crescent Credenza
Crescent Credenza  F92KW-096
Crescent Night Stand
Crescent Night Stand  F92KW-014
Dillon Desk (84")
Dillon Desk (84")  F92KW-077
Effie Side Table
Effie Side Table  F92KW-071
Garcon Table
Garcon Table  F92KW-158
Grafton Side Table
Grafton Side Table  F92KW-060
Grafton Table
Grafton Table  F92KW-090
Griffith End Table
Griffith End Table  F92KW-051
Holmby Console
Holmby Console  F92KW-073
Huntley Credenza
Huntley Credenza  F92KW-089
Melange Coffee Table
Melange Coffee Table  F92KW-104
Melange Credenza
Melange Credenza  F92KW-020
Melange Side Table
Melange Side Table  F92KW-063
Mulholland Side Table
Mulholland Side Table  F92KW-069
Pacific Credenza
Pacific Credenza  F92KW-106
Pickfair Coffee Table
Pickfair Coffee Table  F92KW-043
Pickfair End Table
Pickfair End Table  F92KW-050
Roxbury Console
Roxbury Console  F92KW-075
Roxbury Side Table
Roxbury Side Table  F92KW-109
Roxbury Side Table
Roxbury Side Table  F92KW-112
Roxbury Side Table
Roxbury Side Table  F92KW-113
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  A1305-204
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-054
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-055
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-057
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-061
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-060
Root Wood Table
Root Wood Table  F1305-062
Teak Root Table
Teak Root Table  F0707-063
Low Table
Low Table  F1406-047
Low Table
Low Table  F1406-046
Side Table
Side Table  F1406-049
Side Table
Side Table  F1406-054
Side Table
Side Table  F1406-050
Side Table
Side Table  F1406-055
Table Top
Table Top  F1406-032
Table Top
Table Top  F1406-031
BENCH or Low Table
BENCH or Low Table  A0607-534
Side Table
Side Table  F1401-023
Kang Table
Kang Table  F0806-068
Altar Table
Altar Table  F1300-008
Pair of Table Bases
Pair of Table Bases  F0310-123
Pietra Dura Table Top
Pietra Dura Table Top  F0506-071
Low "Tray" Table
Low "Tray" Table  F0607-044
Altar / Work Table
Altar / Work Table  F0704-009
Altar Table
Altar Table  F020102-048
Altar Table
Altar Table  F021001-007
Altar Table
Altar Table  F0607-106
Altar Table
Altar Table  F0901-009
Altar Table
Altar Table  F0901-044
Altar Table
Altar Table  F0910-014
Altar Table
Altar Table  F0910-076
Altar Table
Altar Table  F1305-003
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Stories & Descriptions

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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER