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Balarama with Lotus
Balarama with Lotus  G1500-009
Elephant Bestiary
Elephant Bestiary  G1500-044
Garuda in Flight
Garuda in Flight  G1500-032
Headless Shiva
Headless Shiva  G1500-015
Holi Festival
Holi Festival  G1500-007
The Dance of Time
The Dance of Time  G1500-059
Adoration of Shiva
Adoration of Shiva  G1500-065
Blue Faced Woman
Blue Faced Woman  G1300-032
Buddha Face in Tree
Buddha Face in Tree  G1300-044
Buddha Spout
Buddha Spout  G1300-045
Cat Dancer
Cat Dancer  G1300-041
Chakra Signs
Chakra Signs  G1500-035
Cliff Village
Cliff Village  G1300-043
Composite Ram
Composite Ram  G1500-003
Creation of Brahma
Creation of Brahma  G1500-010
Durga  G1500-014
Elephant Handler
Elephant Handler  G1500-040
Flaming Shiva
Flaming Shiva  G1500-013
Ganesh Attended
Ganesh Attended  G1500-008
Glory of the Goddess
Glory of the Goddess  G1500-050
Golden Stone Buddha
Golden Stone Buddha  G1300-028
Hanuman as Warrior
Hanuman as Warrior  G1500-020
Jahangir's Dream
Jahangir's Dream  G1500-043
Jalandharnath  G1500-023
Kali II
Kali II  G1500-025
Kamala Ragini
Kamala Ragini  G1500-026
Krishna & Parvati
Krishna & Parvati  G1500-033
Krishna Devours Fire
Krishna Devours Fire  G1500-027
Krishna on Swing
Krishna on Swing  G1500-031
Krishna's Holy Family
Krishna's Holy Family  G1500-029
Kundalini Yantra
Kundalini Yantra  G1500-036
Love's Offering
Love's Offering  G1500-048
Lucky Devils
Lucky Devils  G1500-012
Nayika Shringara I
Nayika Shringara I  G1500-034
Nayika Shringara II
Nayika Shringara II  G1500-049
Nepalese Stamp
Nepalese Stamp  G1500-067
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-011ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-012ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-013ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-014ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-015ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-016ND
Noh Drama
Noh Drama  G1600-017ND
Petition for Shakti
Petition for Shakti  G1500-041
Prostrating Monk
Prostrating Monk  G1300-038
Raga in the Glade
Raga in the Glade  G1500-064
Rama Battles Ravana
Rama Battles Ravana  G1500-042
Ramayana Scene
Ramayana Scene  G1500-002
Recumbent Lion
Recumbent Lion  G1200-002RL
Shiva Drinking Poison
Shiva Drinking Poison  G1300-023
Shiva Meets Subuddhi
Shiva Meets Subuddhi  G1500-056
Shiva on Elephant
Shiva on Elephant  G1600-010
Stone Elephant Relief
Stone Elephant Relief  G1300-040
Sukothai Buddha
Sukothai Buddha  G1300-030
Tantric Games
Tantric Games  G1500-011
The Fire Breather
The Fire Breather  G1500-037
The Holy March
The Holy March  G1500-060
Tiger Cat with 2 Kids
Tiger Cat with 2 Kids  G1300-027
Vishnu on Sheshanaga
Vishnu on Sheshanaga  G1500-062
World of the Ramayana
World of the Ramayana  G1500-054
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